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Vıck's gırls

VICK'S GIRLSCHAPTER ONE: THE BEGINNING My wife and I have been married for twenty two years. We both got married when we were 17. We have a daughter 21. My wife started having an affair with, and left me for a black stud named Vick. We had been separated for over a year. Nothing I did could get her back in town and back to me. She was now thinking of divorcing me.My mother as well as our daughter and my sister tried to talk with me and her and acted as emissaries to work out things so as to salvage our long happy marriage. I still loved my wife Judy very dearly.Judy didn't want to give up Vick, even if she stayed with me. Her reason, he was just the kind of "real man" she needed.My family understood her and presented me with the deal they'd worked out. My wife was there with them."I want you to know I love you still no matter what you think about me and the arrangement I presented to your family." I hugged and kissed her, then we sat down for mother to lay out details of the brokered arrangement.My wife and I held hands as mother explained the conditions.I was dumfounded by the proposal presented. My wife, Judy still held my hands as she explained that I'd never satisfied her fully with my small prick and that she knew there was no way to turn herself away from Vick's "good loving".The women in my family told me they understood her position and thought that the deal was good for both of us. "Daddy, I've been with a black man and I don't think I could ever go back to a small white cock again. So I know how mom feels. It's not your fault dad. And don't feel like you're being put upon. We all still love you, but I think it's time for mom to enjoy more than you have to offer." My daughter said in defence of her mother as well as trying to console me. My sister echoed a similar sentiment. Mother even surprised me that she too revealed she'd been with a few black men since being a widow and understood fully, as well as supported my wife's position."Son, you'll be near her and you two can spend time together." Spoke mother. When I asked about still having sex with Judy, she held my hands tighter as she nervously spoke."Well honey, my cunt has been stretched quite a bit by Vicks big rod, and I just don't see how I'd get any pleasure at all from your little, er, your prick anymore. So, honey you see, I don't see any need for you to even trying putting it in ... and also ... Vick didn't like the idea of you having intercourse with me, once he and I move back to the house."I know I looked and sounded pitiful. My voice cracked as I asked `What am I suppose to do? Do I have to go to another woman to get off?' "Of course not dear. Plus, I won't tolerate you messing around with another woman. Honey you can still suck my pussy. I know you like doing that so much, and you do it real good. And Vick has agreed to that. But dear, I love you very much, but you see, I . I want you to jerk off when you need some. That way I'll know for sure you're sincere about wanting me back. That's the only way I'll agree to you living with me and Vick. And definitely no other woman permitted" My wife said with stern sincerity in her voice."T-That's nuts. I...I have my needs. I...I'll want to put it in too."My wife smirking slightly, shook her head emphatically signalling no to my statement and spoke. "Only your tongue dear, nothing else"."B-But I-I just can't jack off any mo., I-I mean.""We know what you mean son. We all know that's what you've been doing since she's been gone." Mother interjected."N-No, I-I should be allowed to v-visit women for.""WHAP!" My mother slapped me so forcefully I reeled sideways from the unexpected impact. Her quickness caught me off guard. "How could you be so selfish at a time of crisis like this?" My mother shot out as she towered over me as I rubbed my bruised face."Daddy how could you think of not being faithful and devoted to mom?" Cried my daughter."brother! You know I use to spank you for mom, when you were naughty. With that kind of insensitivity and talk, I've got a good mind to take you across my knee right now." Yelled my older sister, who was physically able to do as she proposed.The three women easily intimidated me as I cringed and sought protection as I cringed by my wife's side. The person who was the cause of all this anger being directed at me. I continued to hold her hands. The vigour of my family's reactions surprised and frightened me. They were all larger than me."Now! Now! What he said is just a knee jerk reaction. You're just confused and flustered aren't you honey?" Spoke my errant wife with an air of soft authority.`Y-Yes dear.' I replied meekly."I thought so." She said kissing me on my forehead. "There'll be no more silly talk of other women. This is what we'll do. When you need some, we'll help you masturbate darling."The other three women readily agreed with my wife that her idea was much more sane and reasonable. They all offered to help me out when I needed sex."Don't you worry a bit daddy, I've jerked many a cocks off into Kleenex pussies. You can count on me to help out." Spoke my daughter in a boasting tone."It'll be like old times brother. I've jacked you off many times. Remember all those times you got hard from looking under my skirt?" Said my sister chuckling.Mother also chimed in and reminded me how she used to jerk me off before I went on dates, so as to take some of the fire out of me so I wouldn't get any girls pregnant.Needless to say, I was not only shocked and alarmed by what was happening to me, but deeply embarrassed as well.CHAPTER TWO: A family'S HELP As Part of the agreement, I was to move to a storage room in the basement, as Vick didn't think it was a good idea for me to be on the same floor as the master bedroom, where he and my wife would sleep.The room was like a small apartment. It had a bathroom also.Mother and the others helped me move and decorate it. I didn't like the lavender and pink/white colour scheme, but it was no use arguing with three bossy women.I met Vick and couldn't but be envious of his good looks and muscular build.As I was preparing to go to bed my first night in my new basement bedroom, in walked mother, my sister and daughter. "We came to help you christen your new room and to show you we were serious about being there when you needed us." Said mother as the three surrounded the bed and pulled the cover away from me and sought to open my pyjamas and find my prick. My daughter soon had me in her hands.I tried to keep them from going any further, but my mother and sister pinned my arms and held me back allowing my daughter free reins on me."Mom's right, you are small daddy. But don't worry, I'll take care of you." She giggled as she began to slowly stroke and fondle my stiffening prick."Here's mom. Isn't she pretty and sexy. She and Vick are going out." Spoke my daughter.As I looked over at Judy, I couldn't help be awed at how sensuous and sexy and delectable she looked in a tight thigh high mini dress that was so revealing. My prick pulsed and I thought sure I'd loss my load, but I hadn't. I was fighting coming by my daughter's actions, but I knew I would lose if my wife stayed around much longer. She looked gorgeous."You like this dear?" She said as she twirled around in her high heels. "This is one of Vick's favourite outfits. And look at these." She hiked up her very short hemline and showed me a pair of very skimpy split crotch lacy panties. Her dark full lush bush was very discernible peeking through.My prick got harder. I was doing everything to hold my load."You do like them don't you honey? Vick does, he likes to be able to reach over and play with my pussy from time to time." I knew now my wife was taunting me."C'mon dear don't hold back show me you like me dressed like this. Let me see you shoot your load for me. Here look at my panties up close."When she got closer and closer, I loss more and ground to my daughter's skilful manipulations. By the time she got next to the bed, I spurted into my daughter's Kleenex pussy. They all cheered me and to celebrate the christening of my room as well as a way of kissing her goodnight, my wife kayseri escort straddled my face and had me kiss her on her cunt.I was alarmed when I heard my wife let my sister know that I was only a single shooter, so she didn't have to worry about me needing to come again in a few minutes. Before the others left, they demanded the same. I was so embarrassed to perform such gross acts of i****t as each one of their hairy cunts were placed over my face to be licked and kissed. Little did I know this would become a common repetitive event with a little different flavouring to add.CHAPTER THREE: REMEMBERING THE PASTIt's been three years since Vick moved in. I found myself reflecting over the events that led to my current situation.First there was the insistence by my wife that I suck her wet slimy cunt after Vick had creamed in her. I resisted a long time, but finally gave in when it was clear she wasn't going to let me taste her pussy at all if I didn't do as she desired. Since I had humiliated myself so much already, I gave in. I discovered her gooey drippy gash didn't taste that bad. Doing this same time, Vick and I were developing what I call a strong man, weak male relationship. That is, he knew he was king of the mountain, and didn't have to prove anything. I on the other hand knew I was in a lesser secondary role and knew only that his actions would define my limits. I was shy around him but couldn't help but admire his assertive manner. He and I soon sort of found common grounds to have some good conversations and soon a rapport was developed between us that left intact his obvious superior role and my subordinate one. The relationship just sort of developed naturally.Take for instance if he and I were watching TV, it was understood it would be the program he desired to watch. If he wanted a beer out of the fridge, he'd simply say "I'd like a beer", and I'd get it for him.I did respect him for the good sexing he was giving my wife, which we often talked about. After it was common knowledge I was eating his cum out of her cunt that was also a topic of our conversations.He might tell me how many loads he shot off in her and then ask me, good heartedly, how much of it did I get to eat. I at first was embarrassed at us talking about this, but because he didn't make it sound the least bit condescending, I soon got over any shame of discussing the subject with him. You see, it just seemed natural to him that I would do this. This made it easier for me to tell him how flavourful he made her cunt taste. My wife and mother were very pleased that he and I were having such "open" conversations.Equally embarrassing for me at first was him knowing that the only sexual relief I got was by my hands or those of the women when they stroked my prick. It seemed they enjoyed taunting and teasing me by holding up their skirts or flashing their tits at me. Everyone laughed as they chided me about not getting any except by getting my meat beat. A month after we three set up our unusual marital arrangement, I was caught on videotape masturbating. My daughter had accidentally left the unit on in a bedroom where I'd gone to get relief from her, my wife, and sister teasing me as they stripped and tried on sexy lingerie. They made me watch promising to jerk me off as a reward. I only got their laughter as they once again fooled me and changed their minds about masturbating me.The tape was later used by my wife and mother as justification to put a sort of chastity belt on me that would lock my prick until they said it was time for me to be milked. They ganged up on me. I was held down, with Vick's help, while my wife securely locked the device on me. I was irate at such a dastardly deed by them all. I spewed profanity at them all. The only thing it all got me was the worse whipping I'd ever had in my life. My wife, sister, and, mother, all took turns lashing me with a piece of thick electric cord, which Vick supplied.When they got through with me, my bottom was in severe pain laced with thick welts. I was a different person the next day. I'd been beaten. I knew my place. I never got rebellious again. I didn't blink or hesitate when my wife demanded an apology as I served her and Vick breakfast the next morning, that is, for my behaviour the night before - which led to the whipping. I knew from that moment on, that I had basically become enslaved to not only my wife and her handsome black lover, but also to my family as well. You see mother too demanded an apology in writing. The note was very descriptive, detailed and incriminating should anyone outside the family read it. She dictated it and ordered me to sign. Even though knowing it could severely embarrassed me if in the wrong hands, my immediate worry was about another lashing if I didn't. I had no fight left in me. With a broken will, I signed.Vick and my wife were watching as I placed my signature on the embarrassing note. They both smiled as I sheepishly submitted to mother's abject demands, which included reading the signed note aloud. In it she also had a sentence which read "I fully understand and accept that my wife and her black lover or lovers will determine when I am to have sexual relief, and then only through masturbation when they grant me their permission. I enjoy beating my meat and therefore am glad they care enough for me to be controlled so that it won't affect my health.""See I told you he was a mama's boy." Spoke mother as she held the note up toward Vick and my wife.Every since Vick moved in, his masculinity and manliness were so great compared to me. As a result, I quickly gave up trying to even think about competing with him. Instead, I found it easier to let him be the man of the house and me to be myself. That is, to be servile to him while delighting in doing the things I was good at - domestic household management. Also, Vick's acceptance that this was my domain and his praises at how well I cooked, cleaned and ironed pleased me exceedingly. He often said I did "woman's work" better than a lot of women.I remembered mother's compliments. "Dear, I'm pleased with the way you've accepted and adjusted to Vick. It's marvellous the way you've accepted your responsibility as a good husband and made him feel welcome. He really likes your cooking and the way you iron his shirts." She also chided me about my initial reluctance to wear the set of lace trimmed old fashion large pinafores she and the others had bought for me. "Dear, those pinafores look so good on you. I don't know which one I like the best - the pink, lavender, or the white one. But I'm so glad you've stop grumbling about wearing them. Vick also loves seeing you wear them too."I remember being so ashamed of being forced by my wife and the others to wear those fancy feminine aprons, but they were so practical and in no time, me wearing them just became part of my normal attire.As a reward for being so cooperative, accepting, and supporting my wife's new marital arrangement, mother gave me a blow job instead of simply jerking me off. That made me feel good.One notable event during this time was when my daughter's black boyfriend's condom burst while they were having intercourse in one of the bedrooms at our house. She came to me and told me about the situation. Vick overheard us and recommended that I give her a good sucking quick, so that she wouldn't get pregnant, since she wasn't on the pill. Being a concerned father, I quickly pressed myself into service as her birth control and sucked her luscious hairy cunt as thoroughly as I could. I agreed with her that she should straddle my upturned face so her cunt could drain as I sucked. In the process of me cleaning her out she got off twice. After that, she came to me frequently to get her cunt sucked, as insurance, for pinhole leaks in her various lovers? condoms.One day I was talking to Vick about her and how I felt guilty about sucking her out. "You should be glad to help her out, after all she's your daughter." His remark did make me feel more at ease about the situation.I also talked to him about the many different men she was seeing. I lamented and told him I hoped she wouldn't be going out and sexing all of them. He told me he'd do me a favour and talk to her about that. That made me feel better that he took an interest in my problem.About this time, was when my wife started a night job. Little did I realize at the time that she was whoring for him. I didn't find out about what she was doing until I got laid off. Since she was bringing home the bacon, there was little I could say. I couldn't seem to find another job, so I basically become a full time housemaid and servant for Vick. Out of the money my wife made, he gave me an allowance of $10 a week for my work. It wasn't much, but it was better than nothing, plus all the bills were being paid and he told me and my wife he liked having me around the house to wait on him and cook his meals while everyone else was out working. I was always good at and enjoyed doing housework, so I really didn't object strongly at his request. It was so much less stressful than my old job anyway. Mother fully encouraged me to stay home and be "domestic" in my colourful pinafores.I noticed that my daughter soon wasn't going out as much but staying home with me and Vick. And when she did go out, it was with Vick. This made me feel good that she was under his `protection' while they went out for drinks and to clubs.Vick is about 15 years older than my daughter, so imagined my shock when I discovered he was screwing her regularly behind my back and that she wanted to have a baby by him. I was irate, but my wife and mother and sister thought this was wonderful news and quite supportive of her."Honey, I gave her my okay to sex Vick. She was really helping me out since he can easily take care both of us and then some. And remember, weren't you concerned about her being out with so many different men? Now you don't have to worry about that."To appease me, Vick offered that I could act as her birth control. "That way, if she gets knocked up you can't blame me." I didn't like his compromise that much, but I reluctantly accepted it. He and I shook on it.My daughter, who had problems taking the pill, rejoiced that Vick didn't have to use rubbers anymore when they fucked. She was happy that she could feel "his black meat" and be flooded by his cum."Daddy, to make sure you have every chance, it's best if you're there when we do it so you can suck out each load when he creams in me." I hated to admit it, but I knew she was right.After my wife left for work that evening, I started my tour of duty as oral birth control for my daughter and Vick. They offered me a seat in the bedroom while they made love, but I told them to call me when they needed me.The first time they called, I quickly knelt between her open legs to suck out his bountiful thick oozing load of scum. My daughter let me know how good it felt to be flooded and dripping with Vick's big load of jism.As in our previous routine, she sat on my face for good drainage in addition to my deep sucking and probing scooping tongue. Confident I'd done the best I could, she removed her wet gash from my face and I sat in a chair by the bed to catch my breath. My jaws and tongue ached also."Daddy, don't you think you ought to get that cum on the head of his dick before we start screwing again?"I looked at the thick glob of jism that'd oozed out of his pee slit and hung tenaciously at the end of his semi-hard giant prick. `Good idea', I sighed as I walked over and bent over his heated crotch and held his dick and lapped up the slimy droplet from his cock head. My mind was on making sure that his sperm didn't get her pregnant, so I didn't really think about anything else as I cleaned the head of his oozing dick with my flicking tongue."If you suck me slowly and softly until I'm hard, you'll be sure to get all that oozing scum before we start fucking again. Be sure and keep your teeth out of the way." He warned.Focused entirely on what I was there for, I followed Vick's advice as the two of them looked on smiling. I engulfed his dick head with my lips and slowly suckled it as he'd suggested. He was right about there being more dregs of his cum, I could easily taste them as I sucked the smooth velvety cock head and kept the tip of my tongue in his giant pee slit. I could feel his cock head swelling and his prick getting stiff in my mouth. I took my mouth away from his swelling dick head fearful it would get lodged in my mouth. It was just that big. He assured me it wouldn't and I was able to fit my mouth back over it to give it one last suck to be sure I'd gotten all of his oozing semen."Daddy, if you really want to be sure you got it all, you'd better lick all that dried pussy juice off his shaft. There may be some dried jism there too."I heeded my daughter's advice and lapped and washed his black shaft all around with my tongue and lips. I went from the crown of his huge cock head to the base of his thick stalk of rigid meat. As I worked my tongue and lips around the base of his shaft, my nose often made contact with his thick crotch hairs and his big balls."Daddy's really doing a good job, isn't he?" I heard my daughter say as I worked at what I was doing. Vick concurred."Since you're handy, why don't you guide it in for me." Vick said as he positioned himself back between my daughter's legs. Always desiring to be helpful, I gingerly aimed the tip of his rigid organ to the juicy wet hairy lips of her cunt.This time I took them up on their offer to stay as I sat to rest my back - from bending over his crotch - as well as to wet my whistle with the drink I'd brought with me. The cool wetness of it was welcomed as all that sucking and licking had made my mouth gluey and gummy. I mentally sighed at how much work there was in doing a good job of oral birth control.As I looked at my daughter and Vick in the passionate throes of intercourse again, I couldn't help but admire the way they both were performing, especially how she was taking all of his monstrous manhood. I felt a certain pride in seeing her accommodating him so well. She was good at taking such a big dick. It was obvious she had lots of experience.They soon were ready for me again. I went through the same routine again. Before they were through with their love making for the night, they needed my services four times. I left them asleep in each other's arms as I finish extracting the last load of fuck juices from her well satisfied pussy. Her hairy mounds were slightly puffy and swollen. At my daughter's request, I also milked his cock head a little before I left, since she said she was too tired to do it for him and I was already down there between them. In a way it seemed natural for me to do it out of respect and homage for the man's stamina.I left them confident and satisfied of having done my best.Later that night after I was asleep, my wife came in and had me suck her cunt clean of her Johns' residual jism. "It was a good night honey. I turned 21 tricks with 15 blow jobs." She said after I'd sucked her out and had a passionate French kissing session with her. She spoke as she slowly jerked me off as we laid there. After I shot off, she showed me her night's take of $1,350. I helped her count the wad of small bills.We sat and talked some more. I told her about how things went with Vick and our daughter my first time as their `birth control'."You should feel proud of your daughter pleasing a fine black man like Vick and being able to take all he has to give her. Just as you'd take pride if you had a son who was a stud, you should take equal pride if your daughter is a good piece of ass to men, and especially so if to black studs."We continued to talk and I eased into another topic I was uneasy about."Honey, as a good father, you do what you have to do. Sucking his dick was required. Case closed. You were being a good little daddy. You should feel good about all you did tonight and not think negatively in the least about having your mouth on his dick. It was a good experience for you. Maybe you can see how enjoyable I find sucking on such a fine black tool."Her comments made me feel much more comfortable that what I was doing was the right thing. I thanked her for her counsel.I told her Vick was probably tired out tonight and wouldn't be able to do her tonight. She laughed and had me follow her to their bedroom. On the way, she stopped and brushed her teeth and gargled. She let me know that Vick didn't want to kiss unless she'd done that.Vick and our daughter were still asleep in each other's arms. My wife went over and nudged our daughter who woke with a most blissful look on her face. She and my wife hugged and greeted each other."Night Daddy." My daughter said sleepily as she left to go to her room.Vick, who was stirring slowly, turned over to greet my wife. To my amazement, his erection also greeted her too. It was just as stiff and ready as the first time I saw it in action earlier in the evening."See dear, he's ever ready." My wife said as she held his palpitating member and placed a kiss on it's plum size head. "There's enough here for all of us." She said as she undressed and hopped into his arms. Later I was to find out how true was her statement.I was still dumbfounded as I stood there, but soon I realized I should go back to bed and leave them to their activity. I heard Vick call me as I headed for the door."Since you're here, how about putting it in for me before you leave."As if dazed by his prowess, I once again guided his sturdy tool to a gaping juicy cunt eagerly awaiting it.Vick and my daughter kept me busy. They were fucking virtually every night. It was a good thing I didn't have a job to go to each morning other than household chores.There was no doubt that Vick and I grew even closer because of my birth control efforts and the fact that I was now more intimately familiar with his sexual stamina and his dick itself. After the first couple of days, I'd virtually gotten over being angry about him screwing my daughter as well as my wife.He and I both respect each other for what we do in this relationship. I enjoy cooking his favourite meals and the compliments he gives me for doing that, as well as my other work around the house. He doesn't pick up his clothes or do anything else around the house. He lets me do it because that's my job, as well as to wait on him when he's home. After all, that's what he says he's paying me for. Other than eat, manage the household money, gamble, work out at the gym and sexing the women, he does nothing else.One day while I was busy ironing the bed sheets, something my wife insists on - as well as changing she and Vick's beds daily - Vick called me. As usual, I stopped what I was doing and rushed to see what he needed.He'd been watching a porno video and his dick was really hard as he sat there with his robe open. His monstrous rod stood straight up."Call yo mama and tell her to git over here. I need some pussy."I did as he ordered me to. Recently he'd been screwing mother and my sister off and on when they needed some, or he needed some and neither my wife or daughter were around. Well my sister was at work, so only mother was available during the day."Dear, I'm tied up with the postman right now." Mother was panting as she spoke so I knew she was involved in some sexual activity. She couldn't come over.After I hung up the phone I told Vick what the situation was with her, He walked over to where I was. His erection looked so formidable as it swung so stiffly. He faced me and placed my hand on his heated hard palpitating meat. It was so swollen. I knew it was throbbing and bothering him."You're a mama's boy, so kneel and suck my dick for yo mama."I'd never sucked him off all the way before, so naturally I was stunned at his request. I hesitated. That irritated him. He slapped me. Since he'd never hit me before."DAMN IT! You fucking fairy! My dick's hard! Wrap your lips around my bone! And you better keep yo fucking teeth out of the way!" He shouted as he pushed me to the floor.It was clear what I had to do.He moaned so sweetly as I engulfed the familiar head of his dick. I had to stretch my mouth wide as I got as much of him in me as I could. The feel of his heated hardness in my mouth was different this time. The other strange thing was that since I knew he was planning to come in my mouth that seemed to add a totally different element to what was happening.He shot a copious load and surprisingly I managed to swallow all his heated slimy discharge. It was so hot and gooey. He kept me on my knees and literally fucked my face until he'd shot another heavy thick creamy load. I held on to his strong thighs as he held the back of my head. I milked him for a long while after he'd creamed in my mouth. After he'd had enough, he pulled his softened dick from my lips and ordered me to get him a beer. Meekly, I returned with the beer and a glass on a serving tray. I opened and poured it like I usually do.He was so much more relaxed now."That'll go away in no time." He said as he reached out and turned my head to look at the reddish imprint of his hand on my face. "You can get on back to your ironing. I'll call you if I need anything else."I returned to my chores with an odd feeling. I had two huge loads of his hot jism in my tummy and a slimy, but not totally unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth. Moments later, I had gotten over being angry at what he'd done. I'd rationalized that his sex drive had gotten the best of him and that it was difficult for him to apologize to me.Mother called later. I told her how things worked out. "Dear, I agree with you. This can only bond you two closer together, as well as show him that you can handle his needs. And you're right about him being concerned about your face. That was his way of saying thanks for being there for him."Mother was not surprised about me getting over my anger towards him for his manhandling."Dear, you know they say a hard dick has no conscience. Well, when your man see's you're a little hesitant to go along with his program, especially when he has an aching throbbing dick, he might give you a little attitude adjustment to see things his way. And that's all that happened between you. You're right to be glad rather than angry. Baby, I'm pleased this happened. Vick was just being his manly self, but in the process, helped you appreciate him more, as he broadened your role in the relationship. He really helped you build your confidence to do and be more for him."Mother congratulated me on becoming "a full fledged cocksucker" and active member of the "Vick's Dick Fan Club". We both had a good chuckle.Before we hung up, she not only let me know it wasn't perverse and I shouldn't be ashamed to be called a "cocksucker" or "faggot". She even encouraged me to think about becoming a drag queen for Vick."I really think you'd look so sweet swishing around the house, and in front of him, in a French maid's uniform and low heels. Think about it dear, you'll probably get his dick hard more often for you. Bye now."I thought about what she said. My wife had also mentioned something similar about me dressing in more feminine attire.She thought I should wear a maid's uniform because they were more efficient than the large lacy old fashioned pinafores I wore over my normal male attire. "Anyway honey, I think it would be a fitting gesture in honour of our first anniversary with Vick, if you dressed as a maid." She expressed that it would be fitting tribute to his manliness and the harmony he'd brought to our house and family.I listened. What could I say? Was there to be no respect for me at all? Was she serious? I knew the answer almost as soon as I asked myself the question. In the meantime, despite all my "suck birth control" efforts, my daughter got pregnant by Vick about two months later."You probably just got a little lax dear, that's all. But look at the bright side, you're going to have your first grandc***d." My wife said smiling as she consoled me at my sucking failure. You know what they say, when it rains it pours. Two months later, my sister decided she wanted a baby by Vick. A month later, my wife announced she was pregnant by Vick too.The above events were some months ago. In addition to him being the father of my grandc***d, I'm the proud "legal" father of Vick's son and the uncle of his daughter by my sister.THE END

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